The new trailer for the need for speed revenge,Welcome to fortune Valley!

It is on sale in November 10th, and EA recently released the latest preview video to introduce the site of the game – good luck valley.

This is an open world game, set in a valley of luck (Fortune Valley) of the city of Las Vegas, to imitate the real world, good luck Valley is also a heaven of gambling, and has every kind of track conditions. “Need for speed” revenge set up a variety of different styles of competition, such as the Bonn will chaos Club (Riot Club) keen to host NHRA, near the airport 73 Alliance (League 73) some cross-country more. The same as well as the classic gangster chase game player, provide thrilling experience.

There are a lot of car shops in the “best speed revenge”, where players can buy new cars and refit them, and they can also find many abandoned vehicles in the cities and use them to build unique vehicles.

“The best speed revenge” will land on the PS4/Xbox One/PC platform, buy this deluxe version of the player, can be in November 7th to enjoy the original.

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