Harvard new hybrid SUV handsome over X6, Overlord born again

In the past two years, the independent SUV model has attracted many people’s attention, and the key point is the overall progress in the design. Today we introduce to you a Harvard’s high color value SUV models, called HB-03 Hybrid, the car is still parked in the conceptual stage, but the shape from production is already very close, at the same time, is equipped with a hybrid system, shows the overall design style to hover in the future, the value of the public tasting carefully.

HB-03 Hybrid in appearance than the original design style of Harvard more radical, more dynamic. Hexagonal forward grille size, decorated with a large number of chrome trim, far look like the pole will move the scales, very smart. The headlights are long and slim and choose lasers as light sources. There is a full circle of bright black material wrapped around the fog area, more emphasis on its sharp and radical fog lamp modeling.

On the side, the overall line is very smooth, and the sense of movement is very good! In other details of the design, the focus is on his double five wheel shape, very ornate avant-garde! With its red sports brakes and calipers, the wheel design will certainly be popular with young people in the coming days! Rear view, the HB-03 Hybrid uses a Harvard fashion respected fastback styling, which is launched with other joint venture car models such as the BMW X6, Mercedes Benz GLECoupe car is very similar, the exhaust on the car using the bilateral double exhaust system, which means not only the future of Harvard hybrid to the pursuit of environmental protection, but also the pursuit of a more robust performance. In addition, the front door handle of the car is a highly technical, hidden design that is highly commendable! Help to improve the internal quality of the vehicle.

Interior design, the car closely follow the fashion trend, the fashion industry is very avant-garde color is used in the interior design, visual effects are very good! Central control layout, the concept of the driver to the driver as the center, the layout of the central control, design strong, and at the same time, operation will be more convenient. Among them, the control center equipped with touch screen, but also to support the car to reduce a lot of physical buttons, layout more concise. The overall feel is a bit like the interior of a sports car.

Power, the HB-03 Hybrid parameter message Harvard official is not much, reliable message is currently only found that he will use a hybrid system, other parameters can make nothing of it, but you spectators don’t worry, we will continue to pay attention to the potential of the car following news, and timely release for everyone.

From Harvard this HB-03 released Hybrid concept car design, Harvard future modeling tends to be more younger, more aggressive appearance will, in fact, the design of this car is from BMW X6 designer, so the yen value there is indeed no doubt advantage. In the power system, the hybrid power system, which can basically guarantee the power of the above, as well as in the fuel economy, at least the cost of the car will not be too high. These years, the progress of Harvard VV7 can everybody be obvious to people, in one fell swoop rushed high success, but also to a large extent on the basis of Harvard brand, believe that the hybrid models, days after the listing can also have a good performance.

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