Buick launched the first Coupe models, lacrosse doesn’t count

Buick as the cars, and not in the domestic sales of many models The climate does not suit one., OK, for example Bie Keang Kuwait, lacrosse, Hideo GT etc.. But now Buick is starting to rearrange its industry and will launch its first true coupe, named Avenir.

Avenir face shape is very satisfactory, the network design is directly applied to the latest design of the Buick family, plus a shield in the top of the chrome trim, and did not show too much aggression. The headlights seem quite satisfactory, and other internal layout is simple, it seems that the Coupe is more suitable for home.

The side of the car, suddenly look at one with Porsche “even if touch which seems similar, is designed using a fastback and project of large C column with its reason. The rear wheel of the eyebrow is also particularly high, and in the waist line as a whole, the waist shape is very three-dimensional, there is an ax to open the momentum of the mountain. The tail uses a Fastback style, very smooth and full, especially the sleek taillights are most obvious.

Interior, more eye-catching than the appearance, bringing a new interpretation of Buick’s sense of science and technology. The dashboard is a shield LED display, and the central control panel is also a 12 inch black touch screen, equipped with Buick’s new TntelliLink system. The car also supports mobile phones, wireless charging, ion attack, air purification and other high-tech configuration.

Power, Avenir is likely to carry 2.0T turbocharged engine and 3.0TV6 twin turbo engine, as for the specific power performance, and hope to look like the amazing people.

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