Samsung said at last: “my competitors are apple and HUAWEI.”!

Samsung is now in China’s position is very embarrassing, from the previous absolute middle and high-end Android mobile phone first choice, to now in the middle of the share is almost eaten by domestic mobile phones, high-end here also defensive very difficult. Why is that? Many people think it is the last year of the Samsung Note7 event is not a good deal, but he think this is just one of the reasons.
Samsung or China attaches great importance to the market, yes, no vendor dare not pay attention to, as strong as apple, but also absolutely put the Chinese market and users placed in the primary position. Samsung recently released its flagship mobile phone Note8, and apple iPhoneX, as well as a variety of domestic comprehensive screen phones, the heat is very low. In response to this situation, Samsung conducted an interview with a special explanation.

And Samsung has also answered a question frequently discussed by domestic users. Samsung Electronics Greater China President Quan Guixian said that S8 is more responsible for the restoration of trust relations, and Note8 regain market dominance. “I firmly believe that Samsung Note8 is the best product on the market.”.” Quan Guixian said so.
Samsung believes that the price segment of 4000 yuan is the price segment of high-end products. 2000-4000 yuan is high-end products; below 000 yuan entry-level price segment, this price segment is to cooperate with operators. Samsung should make the best efforts at the price range of over 4000 yuan. When asked about the high-end mobile phone, who is Samsung’s real opponent, right Guixian clearly said: “more than 4000 yuan is apple, Samsung and HUAWEI three brand competition. In such a competitive landscape, I firmly believe that Note8 is the best product on the market.”

What does this show? In the high-end, really Samsung as opponents, in addition to apple, that is, HUAWEI. He think, this is a good thing, a bad thing. Why do you say that?
You know, Samsung is basically dismissive of HUAWEI, that is, there is no HUAWEI as an opponent, because there is no eye, but a little red guy. So Samsung can have the opportunity to accelerate the development. And now Samsung looked back, I did not expect you HUAWEI so cattle, are catching up with me? So, take HUAWEI seriously as a key opponent, Samsung will probably use its powerful supply chain to suppress HUAWEI, which is very fatal!

So, Kathleen said this is a good thing, a bad thing. But the real cow X will be like apple, Samsung knows is the biggest opponent, but also the darling of the priority supply screen for apple to do new aircraft, this is strength! I hope HUAWEI will soon have the strength to realize the words. Also, now those who think HUAWEI is not worthy of the Samsung Apple opponent has nothing to say, right? After all, Samsung personally admitted.


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