Bo Yue run version exposure, Harvard status is not guaranteed

In recent years the domestic SUV blowout growth, various car companies have also launched its high-quality SUV models, all want to share in this market segment in a cup of soup, it is Harvard, Changan, Geely, trumpchi and so do the more successful, recently various car companies have launched new models to meet the increasingly fierce domestic market, some time ago, Geely new coupe SUV to domestic V exposure, it broke the news person, new size and shape is more consistent with Bo, a very small “BMW X6”.

From the exposure of the picture you can see, this car new coupe SUV fastback styling looks like BMW X6, the front face is still family with a water Lian Qi design auspicious, surrounded with a new chrome mouth design, a large number of silver trim, so that the vehicle is particularly fierce, large inlet trim makes the car look very mighty.

The tail looks completely into the design elements of the BMW X6, personally think it is more like the Tesla Model x, the C column down almost no backward, the trunk position is very short, the middle chrome plating to both sides of narrow LED taillights connected in one piece, with grey decoration under the shield, the exhaust gas exhaust bilateral total, the overall design of a sporty tail.

The new side, starting from the B column of the roof line, quickly down the stretch, the formation of fastback coupe SUV, skirt position with silver chrome trim, with five large Aluminum Alloy rim, shows its strong connotation.

The interior also has more than auspicious Bo, the change of the overall layout to turn the world upside down, people have a stronger sense of the package, the luxury car feeling, a new style of three pieces of flat bottomed steering wheel, control and instrument using liquid crystal screen technology two pieces of large sense, and look up the definition and design of UI are good.

In the power system, is expected to use the new trains 1.8T engine, maximum power of 181 horsepower, a maximum torque of 300 nm, compared to the previous upgrade 18 horsepower and 50 nm, matching six speed tiptronic transmission.

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