Apple 8 cold, Sydney only 30 people lined up to buy!

From Apple’s new fall conference has been held for nearly two weeks, and 8 series of new machine iPhone has successfully sold, but before Apple’s new listing and cattle fans queuing through the night scene is different, this year’s apple store can be used to describe a deserted house. Obviously, because the iPhone X is amazing, and the iPhone 8 series of new appearance and last year’s iPhone 7 series is exactly the same, leading to iPhone 8 sales of cold, even the day of sale has been part of the dealer price below the issue price. In other words, the iPhone 8 series is almost in recent years most of Apple’s new machine to be seen.

In the Sydney Apple store, the iPhone 8 series of new machines on sale the same day, only 30 people lined up to buy, and in the past like a long line of people, the scene is like a long way out of the world. There is no doubt that the 30 team has created the lowest record in the history of the Sydney apple store.

In China, apple mobile phone is no longer the most popular model, while the iPhone 8 series does not seem to impress users too much heart, so in the iPhone 8 series mobile phone on sale, the apple store “full house” is without a trace, leaving only a few cold deserted. In addition, because the network booking channels are very rich, major mainstream electricity providers have set up for sale entrance, but also to some extent weakened the line Apple store sales performance.

In fact, the reason for this trend must be attributed to the perfect appearance of iPhone X, after all, the full screen mobile phone is irresistible. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the sale of iPhone X will cause great noise, then the new machine will inevitably break the price of cattle 10000 yuan, and perhaps even twenty thousand yuan impact. For the time being, most users are waiting patiently for the October 27th iPhone X release.

However, iPhone X is a new way to unlock the Face models, ID is the Apple Corp’s latest creation, but at the press conference, Face ID for the first time to unlock accidentally overturned, it also allows many users expressed concern about the recognition rate of ID on Face. At the same time, although the overall iPhone X Yan Zhiliang is good, but the top of the screen “bang” will produce conflict is obvious to the consumers, and how to display how to optimize the Apple Corp, is still a debatable event.

In any case, the iPhone 8 series of mobile phone sales in iPhone before X does not appear too good results, and the latter is able to successfully compensate for the former current decline, let us witness the end of October.

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