5S upgrade iOS11, contemporaries Android now?

With the official release of the iPhone 8 series, the official version of iOS 11 was also sent to all eligible users. As the first to carry fingerprint identification and use 64 bit chip Apple devices, iPhone 5S from iOS 7 has been updated to the iOS 11, a total of 5 major versions.

Do not say first of today’s iPhone 5S is equipped with iOS 11 card card, let us look at the same time to update the Android intelligent mobile phone system today is what?
1. Samsung
The closest to the iPhone 5S release should be the Samsung GALAXY Note 3

The official version of the Android seems to be stuck at 5, but it still eats 7 in the third party ROM.
After the release of Samsung Galaxy S5, better than Note 3, the official push for its Android 6.0.1 update, as for the third party, Android 7.1 is no problem.
At that time the HTC although not very influential, but now is not strong compared to the tiny but adventitious quantity. HTC launched the One M8 in early 14. Can be regarded as the Android benchmark products.

Its factory is equipped with Android4.4.2 system. But by the end of 2015, HTC had upgraded to Android6.0, and since then the system update has stopped. Of course, the third party ROM is rich, and HTC official also provides unlocking services, so there are many Android7.1.2 based ROM available.
3. millet
Millet has also millet out of the 3, and that suitable for millet 3 is to have two hardware versions, namely, Tegra4 version and Qualcomm Xiaolong 800 edition. As for the system, it was originally based on Android 4.4’s MIUI V5.

Appearance, millet 3 a bit like Lumia. System updates, millet 3 to today, there is still official support, whether it is Tegra4 version or Qualcomm Xiaolong 800 edition, you can get the official MIUI8 upgrade. Millet Mobile 3 TD version, even MIUI 9 is still eating.
But the two version of millet 3 is still different, Tegra4 version of millet 3 MIUI8 is still based on Android 4.4.4 version, Qualcomm Xiaolong 800 version of millet, 3 of MIUI8 is based on Android 6. As for which version MIUI 9 is based on, it is not known.
4. Meizu
Meizu was just out of MX3 at that time.

At that time, Meizu’s processor was Samsung Exynos 5410, and the system version was based on Android 4.2.2’s Flyme 3. The official last push firmware update for MX3 was in September 2016, with the Flyme stable version of the / beta experience, and the kernel based on Android 5.0.1. And because Meizu is not widely open for BL MX3 lock, even the third party ROM is also mostly from Flyme firmware transplant, modified, not much significance.
OPPO flagship at that time should be Find 7. Unfortunately, it can only be remembered now. Find series is said to have become a plus, but until now, still feel that Find 7 is the real flagship.

On the system side, Find 7 was originally based on Android 4.3’s ColorOS 1.2. At the official forum, you can find a successful brush based on Android 5’s ColorOS 2 beta. As for the higher version is not what hope, but the third party ROM was awesome, until Android 7.1.X is there.
In fact, Android’s flagship at the same time there are many, such as brush a little prince with 1, Google Google Nexus5, son of LG, the market almost has launched G2, and SONY Xperia Z1, most of them at the time are all equipped with Android4.X system, although no official support, but the basic can upgrade to Android 7.X by the third ROM, but compared to Apple’s official support, the third party will have problems, but BUG can not be resolved, now how many people still have that time Android?

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