As soon as the car is on the market, the Raptor is nervous and the brand is stronger than Ford

Presumably a lot of people are familiar with the Ford Raptor, even if not open, but always see it in the major sites, especially for men, may have a raptor is their biggest dream, the most classic American muscle style, the most representative of the image of Chinese hard heart. But who can think, always in people’s minds to high-end business elegent Mercedes Benz, also in a pickup market mix. Some time ago, Mercedes Benz officially released its pickup model, Mercedes Benz X-Class.

Benz X-Class in appearance, Benz Bold will pickup rough outline and many other elements of fashion and exquisite details together, the overall models revealed “rough mad with a touch of delicate”. The new car is advancing, and the grille uses a family sized LOGO with a hollowed out chrome grille, with a chrome front bumper design, which looks like a hint of wildness in luxury”.

The length and width of the Mercedes Benz X-Class were 5340mm*1920mm*1819mm, wheelbase 3150mm, maximum towing capacity has the largest 1100kg payload and 3500kg, as a pickup, the loading capacity is quite standard, and even a little tough, at the same time, in a different configuration will be equipped with three different sized wheels.

Interior, symmetrical central console with a very symmetrical air conditioning, so that obsessive-compulsive disorder looks quite stretched. The circular air conditioning outlet is designed to be quite athletic. The console uses a consistent leather pack, and the versatile buttons on the steering wheel make everything easier. The size of the big screen is 8.4 inches, and the resolution is 960X540. It has many practical functions, such as panoramic image, navigation, Bluetooth and so on.

Power, the maximum power of four cylinder gasoline engine equipped with a maximum power of 166 horsepower, four cylinder diesel engine is 163 horsepower and 190 horsepower, the transmission system will match the 6 speed manual and 7 speed automatic transmission, and in different models, will be equipped with 4MATIC real-time system and rear axle differential lock and at the same time, with the support of torque amplification, the minimum ground clearance of 202mm, ensure its through with strong off-road force. In the future, the Mercedes X class will also launch a version of V6 diesel engine, maximum power 190kW, peak torque of 550 nm.

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