Official exposure Nokia9, target top rival

Shortly before the king broke the Evan Blass pulls out of a NOKIA did not release new machine rendering in Twitter, not only has the dual camera features, but also the body figure, and that this machine is a new high-end models Nokia 8. As shown in the following figure:

However, according to NOKIA’s previous models for their naming, which determines the size of the digital machine grade number represents the larger high-end, in fact Nokia 8 is not the ultimate flagship, but Nokia 9 is the ultimate flagship. It seems that taking into account the anxiety of fans waiting, NokiaMobile official released a new machine warm-up video on Twitter, the video involved in the machine is considered a true flagship Nokia 9.

NOKIA official introduction of this video, only three words, namely, Craft (process), Quality (quality) and Nokia, stressed that this machine will continue NOKIA’s relentless pursuit of technology and quality. At the same time, from the “sketch”, this machine seems to be full screen design, because it is similar to G6 and LG ultra narrow border and rounded screen, while the “real back map” only see Nokia logo, do not see whether there is a dual camera.

However, although the video “sketches” and “real back”, NOKIA officials did not name what models, but since it has been shown by the exposure of 8 Nokia and Nokia 9 is very different, so the possibility of very high. After all, the full screen design of mobile phones, in addition to LG, the entire industry is only equipped with flagship machines.

According to the previous revelations, Nokia 9 will have a range of mainstream flagship specifications, such as Carle, Zeiss certified lenses, iris scanning technology and fingerprint identification, and some possible specifications are listed below:
– full screen QHD OLED screen
– Xiaolong 835 processor, Adreno 540, GPU
– 6GB/8GB memory
– 64/128GB storage
– 22 million pixels, Carle, Zeiss dual rear camera
– 12 million pixel front camera
– 3800mAh batteries, supports Quick Charge 4 fast charge
– fingerprint identification, iris recognition
– IP68 waterproof and dustproof

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